There are numerous ways in which schools and universities grade students. Some use an alphabetical grading system, i.e. A and A+, while some use the numbering scheme. On the other hand, the most commonly and widely used scheme nowadays that is being used in almost all universities and numerous schools as well are the GPA and CGPA system.
This system has gained immense popularity and is somewhat different from the other grading schemes. However, universities prefer that it is a much practical way to grade the students through the GPA and CGPA system. However, numerous people confuse and question, if the two terms are the same. Well, the answer has been given below.

No, GPA and CGPA are not the same. The two terms might be resembling and somewhat very similar, but they are not. The two are very different and some points which are the main difference between them have been given below.
GPA simply stands for the grade point average. GPA is basically a measure of how good and well you have scored in your exams or during your courses. The GPA is commonly in between the numbers one and also four. If one scores a failing GPA, they usually have to repeat the course and revise it and ultimately, re-take the exam.
GPA is not very different from grades. People even get a full GPA of 4/4 which is great and shows that your progress is mind-blowingly good.  People who maintain their GPA throughout their university life tend to pass with a very good report and get great jobs and positions.

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On the other hand, CGPA stands for the Cumulative grade point average. It is the average value which is calculated by keeping in view and considering all the different points that one has attained and achieved and neglecting the 6th course. CGPA can also be referred to as ‘’the total’’ of all the GPAs that have been attained by a student during all of the semesters in university.

Both the terms are used in the educational world and both might be similar to some extent but to sum it up, GPA is only the grading of one semester while CGPA is an average of all the semesters taken together. Moreover, CGPA is dependent upon GPA because the overall average will be good if the individual GPA is good.

As CGPA is just an average calculated by knowing all the GPAs that one has achieved during their individual semesters, therefore, obviously maintaining the GPA is a tougher one. If one maintains their GPA every semester, then their resultant CGPA will automatically be a good one and their overall profile will be good. But if one is not able to do that, then the resultant CGPA which is usually calculated during the last semester or the final year of the university, won’t end up good. Hence, staying up to the mark and trying to get a good GPA is the basic deal. Some tips on how one can maintain their GPA have been given below.

Maintaining a GPA is not an impossible deal. To get a good GPA, the following things must be done.
1- Make a schedule.
Arranging things is the prime step towards success. One should make a schedule of the study hours or the hours in which they must be focused only on studying. And should strictly stick to it.

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2- Stay organized.
Staying organized just keeps the mind fresh and things sorted out.

3- Take notes.
Learn to take notes and make it a habit. This way, even if you miss a point while understanding, you can go through the notes and clear the point.

4- Focus on practical learning.
To actually learn, one does not have to stay confined in books and a few pages. One should focus upon the practical learning as well.

5- Save your energy.
Investing your energy on the positive things matters a lot. One must save their energy and utilize it on the positivities in life. You can get an excellent GPA if you invest your energy in learning.

GPA calculation can be made by the use of different formulas, however, a GPA calculator is the easiest and precise way to know your GPA. Through this calculator, you are able to know the GPA of yours and in order to know that, you just have to insert the simple information of the courses that you have selected.  Once you are done with that, move to the next column where you have to enter the credits of yours that you have attained. After you are done with that, move to the next column. This column requires the grades. This is the final column. After that, you just have to press the calculate button and you get your resultant GPA. Given below is the basic interface of how the calculator appears.
You can also add additional courses if you want to or have opted for some extra courses in your university. The course points can also be known. These calculators are used by numerous universities to calculate the GPA. This is better than using a formula because, in the use of formulas, the values might not be as precise and accurate. You might not get the correct value even. Therefore, if one wants to know the exact and precise value of their GPA, they can easily through this calculator.

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Another plus point of this calculator is that it is absolutely free. It does not require you to make any payments in order to use it. You can easily get this online and search for the GPA value sitting at your home. There is no complex or personal information that this calculator needs. You don’t even have to enter your name in order to use the calculator and not even your email. You can simply fill the required information and get the desired value.


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