We live in a world where the work has improved and also increased in every sector. In the medical line if we see, the load of work has been pressurizing a lot as the health sector is rising. Keeping a record of all the patients, storage, medical pieces of equipment etc. has become very difficult on paper. The electronic method has taken place of the written mode of the tally. We are bound to use an electronic form of a system. And clinic management software open source is helpful for it.

So Why do we need a Management Software?

• It helps us to keep the medical records of patients properly and accurately through the EHR (Electronic health record) system.

• The scheduling is done easily and faster.

• Billing system becomes customized through a medical billing system.

• It helps us to keep track of all medical equipment.

• It keeps a record of the expiration dates of all storage items.

• It points out the errors in the system and fixes them.

• Patients get their form completion in a more easy way through patient management system software developed only for them.

• Gives doctors an efficient digital chart.

• Nurses are well aware of medicines and other types of equipment.

Apart from these prominent services, there is another place in medical line which is currently streaming globally, “Blood Bank”. Blood banks have been introduced worldwide for people to donate their blood which reaches the patients who need blood as part of their respective treatment procedures. A lot of donors have stepped up for this. It has even helped millions of patients to fight their disease. With an increase in the number of blood banks, it has become difficult to keep up with the pace of its development. For that, blood bank management software has been created.


The Main Function of this System is to-

• Manage the numbers and details of donors.

• Keep count and record of blood banks.

• Manage the detail of blood group, blood cell and information of blood being donated.

• Manage stock.

• Tracks the management of blood banks and their storage.

All of this has made blood donation a success. You might find multiple blood banks in your areas. There are blood donation camps settled on a monthly or yearly basis by medical centres too.

The pharmacy stores set up in the hospital and also outside of hospitals also need a system for themselves too. They sell medicines and need to keep a check on their store. The pharmacy store software has come to exist for the same only. There are many types of software available on the internet.

They Serve the Purpose of-

• Easy and fast billing using intelligent search features like brand name, barcode etc.

• Keeping a track on the medicine stock.

• Tax filing.

• Record management such as medical evaluation of a patient, doctor’s prescription, medicines etc.

• Delivery option.

• Keeping track of expiration date and all the details of stocked medical storage.

• Smart purchase for buyers where they can find numerous offers.

• Auto-bank reconciliation which helps to avail online banking option. Buyers can make payment through their cards or online payment platforms.

Amidst all of these reasons, there is just one opinion regarding the customized hospital management system software– it is a necessity nowadays. It makes the entire medical system work with flow and not face any problem with delay or loss of information.

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